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Re: obsolesence -- coming out of the closet...

--- Greg House <ghunicycle@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Too lazy to sell it, too much of a packrat to throw
> it away.

In my case, I'm often reluctant to sell gear because
my usual pattern is to:

1) Obtain new thing and overuse it for a little while.

and then either

2a) Incorporate it smoothly into my rig


2b) put it away for an indefinite period of time

if 2b, then:

3a) remember I have the thing, get it out and use it a
lot, being really glad I didn't unload it... (go to


3b) reconfirm my original dissatisfaction with the
thing (go to 2b, repeat as necessary...)

Step 3b doesn't necessarily rule the thing out though;
I've often found a use for something after a long
gestation period!


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