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Re: MIDI commands sent by drum machine to EDP

At 05:19 PM 8/15/2003, John Mazzarella wrote:
>There was discussion this week about using a drum machine to send MIDI
>commands to the EDP.  I was going to try this with my Korg ER-1.  Some
>questions first.  The EDP manual has a MIDI command list.  For example,
>the Reverse command is listed as A with a source # offset of 33.  If I
>set up one of the pads on the ER-1 to transmit A, will that cause the
>EDP to Reverse?  Which A would it be anyway, A1 A2 etc.

Source# is the number programmed in the Source# parameter. The default is 

Each command has an offset from there.

Source# + offset = Midi Note# for that command. (or continuous controller# 
if you are using cc instead of notes.)

So for example, Reverse is an offset of 33. if you have Source# set to 36, 
this is midi note number 69.

In the manual the note name is listed since it is helpful in locating the 
command quickly if you are using something like a keyboard to control the 
echoplex. I don't see why it would matter much with a drum machine as the 

Changing Source# might be useful if you wanted to shift the commands 
in the note# space. For example, maybe you want them all on the left side 
of the keyboard, so you might use a lower value. If you are using a 
programmable midi controller you probably wouldn't care about that.


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