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Re: MIDI commands sent by drum machine to EDP

Kim Flint wrote:

> At 05:19 PM 8/15/2003, John Mazzarella wrote:
> >There was discussion this week about using a drum machine to send MIDI
> >commands to the EDP.  I was going to try this with my Korg ER-1.  Some
> >questions first.  The EDP manual has a MIDI command list.  For example,
> >the Reverse command is listed as A with a source # offset of 33.  If I
> >set up one of the pads on the ER-1 to transmit A, will that cause the
> >EDP to Reverse?  Which A would it be anyway, A1 A2 etc.
> Source# is the number programmed in the Source# parameter. The default 
>is 36.
> Each command has an offset from there.
> Source# + offset = Midi Note# for that command. (or continuous 
> if you are using cc instead of notes.)
> So for example, Reverse is an offset of 33. if you have Source# set to 
> this is midi note number 69.
> In the manual the note name is listed since it is helpful in locating the
> command quickly if you are using something like a keyboard to control the
> echoplex. I don't see why it would matter much with a drum machine as the
> controller.
> Changing Source# might be useful if you wanted to shift the commands 
> in the note# space. For example, maybe you want them all on the left side
> of the keyboard, so you might use a lower value. If you are using a
> programmable midi controller you probably wouldn't care about that.
> kim
> ______________________________________________________________________
> Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
> kflint@loopers-delight.com    | http://www.loopers-delight.com

    Thanks for the info.  I'm only recently learning about MIDI.  Just to
clarify.  If I wanted to engage reverse I'd set my drum machine pad to 
send midi
note #69, right?


PS:  Thanks so much for maintaining Loopers Delight.  I'm a recent EDP 
owner, and
I use it at every gig.  It's enabled me to really express the music that I 
in my head.  Which, by the way, is acoustic singer/songwriter pop with 
of electronica thrown in.  Anyway, I appreciate having a community to 
share ideas