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Re: EDP loop technique question

I do this with a Repeater, but you get 4 tracks per loop.  (99 loops 
max)  Another good thing about the Repeater is with the 11 ms latency 
it makes my speakers seem like they're a few feet farther away from me 
and I have a small apt so it's like having an addition to my studio.

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, August 16, 2003, at 11:49  AM, lol c wrote:

>> Hi All,
>>     Here is a question for you.  I use an EDP.  I've seen Howie Day do
>> this thing where he builds up an intrumental loop on his guitar with 
>> one
>> looper, and then builds up a vocal loop on a seperate looper.  He then
>> has the ability to turn one loop off while the other plays.  I'd like 
>> to
>> be able to do this, but I'm not sure if it can be done with just one
>> EDP.
> -------------------------------------
> as you probably know Howie day uses two independent DL4s for his 
> loops. Im doing similar stuff to a similar end using a Loopstation and 
> one DL4 , but if,as Im guessing, we're looking for the same 
> thing........the ability to record all the vocal loops,instrument 
> loops ect in one box then have bits drop out, I've found that the best 
> thing for me is the DIGITECH GNX3 its a floor unit with all the FX 
> models and whizz bang stuff, but what i am buying it for is the 8 
> tracks of looping possibilitys and integrated mic level input.
> what i will be able to do with it is consruct the soundscape on 
> various layers (from the 8 track recording studio) then add vocals on 
> another layer, then when the time is right in the song drop out a key 
> element such as the rythm part or bass or indeed.......vocals.
> i hope this isnt all coming out too garbled, ive been on my feet all 
> day and need a sleep,but i just had to post this cos i feel the GNX is 
> idea for this aplication
> good looping
> Phill
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