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Re: EDP loop technique question

>Hi All,
>     Here is a question for you.  I use an EDP.  I've seen Howie Day do
>this thing where he builds up an intrumental loop on his guitar with one
>looper, and then builds up a vocal loop on a seperate looper.  He then
>has the ability to turn one loop off while the other plays.  I'd like to
>be able to do this, but I'm not sure if it can be done with just one

as you probably know Howie day uses two independent DL4s for his loops. Im 
doing similar stuff to a similar end using a Loopstation and one DL4 , but 
if,as Im guessing, we're looking for the same thing........the ability to 
record all the vocal loops,instrument loops ect in one box then have bits 
drop out, I've found that the best thing for me is the DIGITECH GNX3 its a 
floor unit with all the FX models and whizz bang stuff, but what i am 
it for is the 8 tracks of looping possibilitys and integrated mic level 

what i will be able to do with it is consruct the soundscape on various 
layers (from the 8 track recording studio) then add vocals on another 
then when the time is right in the song drop out a key element such as the 
rythm part or bass or indeed.......vocals.

i hope this isnt all coming out too garbled, ive been on my feet all day 
need a sleep,but i just had to post this cos i feel the GNX is idea for 

good looping


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