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Re: future loopers

This is kind of how the looper (POLAR) in Digital Performer works.  If 
it had some sort of feedback control, it would be amazing.  With a Gig 
and a half of memory, I could do magical things....

I wrote MOTU a while back and said, "Ya know..." and I was answered 
with, "Why not just use one of the delays if you want controllable 
feedback?"  When I explained why the guy sounded genuinely amazed and 
excited and he agreed that it should work this way.  Maybe in a future 
release?  I implore all to write MOTU and ask for Feedback control on 
the POLAR module within Digital Performer.  It would be a truly amazing 
software looper.

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, August 16, 2003, at 04:19 PM, Alex Stahl wrote:

> How about being able to modify the feedback settings fifty layers 
> back, so you could perform acts of loop archaeology with a 
> photoshop-like History Pedal?