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Re: future loopers

>Here's a question.
>What features would you like to see in a looper?
>Think bizarre
>1) I want to hear the loop I just recorded played back at
>    normal speed and half speed at the same time
>2) I want to just keep playing, and hear just my overdubs
>      playing backwards.

I just talked to Michael Schiefel about this one and he became animated...
I keep trying to imagine the rhythmical use of reverse. Somehow the 
attack turns over to where the note stops.
If you invert a whole loop, the rhythm changes completely.
If you invert each note in the sense that it starts where it ended 
originally and vice versa, the rhythm also changes.
Shouldnt it be mirrored so that the attack stays at the same point?
Did anyone hear of such a feature in some Orville or plug in or whatever?

>be imaginative

ok, but try to figure out how often you would use the feature you invent.
If it gets boring to use it at every show twice, for example, it may 
be not work to program, or worse: every feature clutters up the user 
interface and makes the whole thing more dificult to understand for 
So lets try to concentrate on musical feature, creative ones... well, 
its not easy before you try it out...

>the ideas have to come before the reality

thats it partner!


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org