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Re: future loopers

> > 1) I want to hear the loop I just recorded played back at
>  >    normal speed and half speed at the same time
>  But you could do it with your two EDP's ;-)

tricky though, 
not possible with my FCB1010 footcontroller 

it's easier  to double speed and half speed:-)

>  > 2) I want to just keep playing, and hear just my overdubs
>  >      playing backwards.
>  Hmmmm.... What do you mean with "just my overdubs". Only the last one?

one of Claude Voit's ideas, as I understand it you'd have a "Reverse 
as an alternative to "Overdub"...so that each layer you overdubbed would
be heard backwards, but the original loop could keep going forward
if you wanted.

>If there was a two track (stereo) EDP I would prefere to use both tracks
>in mono with the ability to reverse one of them, rather than creating
>stereo loops. Makes so much more  sense, musically, IMHO.

at the moment I'm trying to find techniques for "splitting" my
stereo EDP loops, for instance it's easy to use the parameter reverse
just on the slave EDP. 
(or put one of the EDPs into "edit mode" and use the Direct Midi 
commands on just one EDP.)

andy butler