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Re: experimental

> "Edgard Varese famously said, "I do not write experimental music. My
> experimenting is done
>           before I make the music. Afterwards it is the listener who
> must experiment." "
> Then it is indeed experimental music.
> Ok we all know well how this term used for different purposes, may be
> cornering you anyway.
> But if one focuses on the nature of the relation, it require that you
> experiment (translate a thought into action) and then so must the
> listener.
> So now we have double experimental music. Which sounds nice.
> But then also, every music is wherever in it's life, experimental.
> And we start with term of little meaning to end with a term with no
> meanning at all.
> Darn!
>          Rather than "experimental music" I've begun to favor the term
> "non-pop" (thanks to Dennis
>           Bathory-Kitsz).
>  I beg to differ...
> I don't see how one can oppose it's ontological nature (experimental)
> and it's audience (non-pop).
> After all we all have good examples of music far more experimental in
> popular music than some of poorly composed contemporary music of the
> best highschools.
> Olivier