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Re: future loopers(nic)

> The ability to have multiple (indexed) subloops as elements of the =
>  'loop' (loop concept used here as decoupled from a fixed-time paradigm, 
>  but used more as a logical entity). The subloops would have an 
>arbitrary =
>  repetition time.

so you're thinking multitrack here?
>  This eliminates the restriction of one repetition period per loop (as =
>  dictated by the Repeater). Other looping devices currently may have 
>this =
>  differently, don't know about the EDP e.g.

You want the ability to play loops of different lengths simultaneously 

>  Furthermore, if combined with the possibility to assign measure =
>  (bar/beat numbering) and a beat quantize capability, this would enable =
>  the buildup, superimposition and individual manipulation of loops that =
>  are a defined ratio of time to one another - I.e., true polyrhythm. =
>  E.g., my first loop element is a 12/8 but my next loop element (within =
>  that loop location) is a 5/8. (BTW herein lies also the added value 
>over =
>  having separate loopers doing the multiple-loop thing, other than cost).
>  I have more, equally ill-thought-out ideas... How about (MIDI) pitch =
>  shift *during* record?
>  Nic

Any suggestions you have would be interesting.
No need to work out ideas, just imagine the sounds 
you'd like to make without bothering about whether 
it's practical

andy butler