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RE: future loopers

> From: SoundFNR@aol.com [mailto:SoundFNR@aol.com] 
> > > 1) I want to hear the loop I just recorded played back at
> >  >    normal speed and half speed at the same time
> >  
> >  But you could do it with your two EDP's ;-)
> tricky though, 
> not possible with my FCB1010 footcontroller 

Oh yes, I forgot! The FCB1010 can only send out one midi note at a time,
over one midi channel. And the EDP has to be controlled by midi not on -
> >  > 2) I want to just keep playing, and hear just my overdubs
> >  >      playing backwards.
> >  
> >  Hmmmm.... What do you mean with "just my overdubs". Only the last 
> > one?
> one of Claude Voit's ideas, as I understand it you'd have a 
> "Reverse Overdub" as an alternative to "Overdub"...so that 
> each layer you overdubbed would be heard backwards, but the 
> original loop could keep going forward if you wanted.

Dammit - what a usable feature! Hope "Reverse Overdub" will make it into
LoopV ;-) 

How about "Reverse Insert"?

"Reverse Overdub" would be very useful for percussionists. I would like
it also to be affected quantise and rounding settings. Then you could be
able to overdub just one "reversed snare drum hit" (length defined by
the 8th/cycle) in a longer loop. But then it would have to sort under
the Insert and not the Overdub.

> >If there was a two track (stereo) EDP I would prefer to use both 
> >tracks in mono with the ability to reverse one of them, rather than 
> >creating stereo loops. Makes so much more  sense, musically, IMHO.
> at the moment I'm trying to find techniques for "splitting" 
> my stereo EDP loops, for instance it's easy to use the 
> parameter reverse just on the slave EDP. 
> (or put one of the EDPs into "edit mode" and use the Direct Midi 
> commands on just one EDP.)
> andy butler

Wow! You sure got some nice ideas to play around with over there ;-) 

Can you post your findings? Matters like these are bouncing a lot inside
my head these days, but I have only one EDP here so I can never try it
out IRL.

Best wishes

Per Boysen