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RE: future loopers --> the software solution

First I'd like to state that the "future looper" of my dreams is a
software based plug-in, AU and VST compatible.

Speaking about features I think the EDP almost has it all (why don't you
Aurisis people put out a SoftPlex? It would be a hit!). However in a
software version a lot of cool things could be added, like interesting
applications of pitch transposing and time stretching. Another goodie
that comes with software is the ability to throw in many  "history"
functions. Not only, as in traditional loopers, a history of overdubbed
layers,  but also a history of just about any action the player
performs. And think about how powerful a "bookmark" function would be!
Simply kick the "bookmark button" whenever your looping sounds good to
you and then you can step back later along that "favourite bookmarks
history" if you want. "Bookmarks" here working as EDP loops when running
the EDP with RAM divided into many loop slots. 

Step based

I would also like to have the looper step based according to a chosen
"grid" (16 steps for 4/4 or maybe 10 if you want to play in 5/4 with an
8 note resolution). The grid should be completely user definable, maybe
even affected by "groove quantising" (like ReCycle or pHATmatic Pro
running under Logic. With the ability to use, export/import, the same
groove quantize maps as the host application uses for midi or audio).
Kind of the way Loop IV now can divide a loop into segments according to
the 8ths/cycle setting, but in my vision it should also be possible to
use the steps/slices/segments for different filtering, re-pitching,
reversing and just about every usual loop mangling technique. One
application could be to drive a filter for "step sequenced dynamical
filtering" of the loop (like the Step Filter in Cubse SX and others).
You should also be able to save all grid/step sequencing parameters as
"pre-sets", to be instantly recalled by midi commands. Just think about
setting up bass lines and melodies by re-pitching different 32 note
segments of the loop! Then you could start out with looping a drone and
then kick in the preset for "funky sub dominant". Transpose short
segments up/down one or two octaves. Or apply a simple "random segment
shift" function to have the loop play back segments in a different
order. Opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.

When running the looper as a plug-in under a host application many
traditional problems are instantly solved. Like for example "combining
two loops of different lengths". You can achieve this by opening two
instances of the SoftPlex on two different host tracks, controlled over
two different midi channels. Record loop one, change track and record
loop two - now to a different loop length (and maybe you like to apply a
different grid to this second loop as well? Some chances for poly
rhythmic fun here ;-). If you run a FCB1010 into a laptop with a host
application (SX, Logic, Ableton...) you don't have to bother with the
FCB inability to assign different midi channels to different banks. Use
the same bank and have the host software change the incoming midi to the
right channel. Many host programs give you the ability to "change active
track" over midi as well. 

Just one final not on "latency". I don't see it as a problem if the
players actions are implemented into the loop on the next loop round.
Then the computer has enough time to compensate for hardware latency.
You don't need "software monitoring" for a looper.

This is not a complete "wish list", just a bunch of loose thoughts
hacked out on a Sunday Afternoon Segment ;-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen