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Eventide Orville...

Dear loopers,

been following the discussion re: using an Eventide Orville despite the 
price (or not using it because of the price), and have been thinking about
this a bit:

For my solo performances, I currently use (besides my instruments, which
include some of a Yamaha SY85, a Korg Prophecy, a Roland MC-505, a Roland
VBass, a Korg Wavestation EX, a Nord Micromodular and two mikes for the
acoustic stuff) a 20HU rack containing a larger mixer and lots of different
effects, plus a patchbay and a mastering processor.

I wonder: could I just throw out all of the effects stuff (among them
StudioQuad, Fireworx, Vortex, Repeater, D-Two, MAM RS3, TC Triple-C) and
replace it with one Orville, then get a smaller mixer and mount the 
the smaller mixer and perhaps a mastering processor in a rack 4HU high, and
then do all of my effects stuff (looping, filters, compression, reverbs,
delays, pitch shifter, you name it) with the superb quality and flexibility
of the Orville?

I'd definitely loose some of the intuitive aspects and perhaps some
flexibility, but, if I'd also add a MIDI controller like the doepfer
pocket-C, drehbank et al, perhaps get a superior solution?

If I sum up the cost for the equipment mentioned above, and what I could do
with the Orville setup, and also important how it would save transport 
and weight (hey, I even could transport the setup in my sports car then !),
I already start to regret that I didn't go for the new Orville I've seen on
ebay for 4444 recently...

Any opinions?


Rainer Straschill
Moinlabs GFX and Soundworks - www.moinlabs.de
The Straschill Family Group - www.straschill.de
digital penis expert group - www.dpeg.de
Eclectic Blah - www.eblah.de