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Boss RC-20 with Digitech FS-300

I picked up a used Boss RC-20 Loop Station today without a manual, and 
noticed the manual online (thanks Goddess) mentioned that an optional 
footswitch (also not included with my RC-20) can be used to switch the 
reverse function on or off, or the footswitch could be used to switch 
between the (up to) ten saved phrases. 

The stores being closed, I thought I'd try the Digitech FS-300 3-button 
footswitch I'd bought to use with my Electrix Repeater. I wanted to 
report the results:

a) plugged into the Reverse socket, the FS-300 did switch between reverse 
and not-reverse, but only with the A and C buttons. The B button did 

b) plugged into the phrase shift socket, none of the three buttons on the 
FS-300 footswitch did anything. 

I searched the archives and didn't see a mention of this, I hope this 
isn't redundant.

Steve Burnett
Subscape Annex