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RE: future loopers--A discrete delete funtion?

Hi all--
You know how you can insert new material in the EDP, into a location
anywhere in the loop?  I want a delete function, sort of vacuuming up bits
of audio--implemented thusly:
1.  at first press of magic button, marker set to remove material
2.  upon release of magic button (or second tap) marker set for end of
material to be removed
3.  either delete it at that moment or a third tap to instantly delete it

OK propellerheads, can this be implemented thru MIDI in the current 

I would also like back a feature possible in Loop III, inadvertantly 
in Loop IV, that works this way:


So this involved toggling back and forth between multiply and insert . . .

In the last post listed above, a reply by the formidable Matthias, he
suggests that I am a pioneer.  Yeah . . .
It's all happening right now, people, and a year from this moment, it will
all be different (and better) so hang on for what is definitely a wild 
loop wise--who knows what tomorrow may bring!