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Re: future loopers(nic)

In a message dated 8/17/03 2:44:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time, SoundFNR@aol.com writes:

You want the ability to play loops of different lengths simultaneously then?

> Furthermore, if combined with the possibility to assign measure =
> (bar/beat numbering) and a beat quantize capability, this would enable =
> the buildup, superimposition and individual manipulation of loops that =
> are a defined ratio of time to one another - I.e., true polyrhythm. =
> E.g., my first loop element is a 12/8 but my next loop element (within =
> that loop location) is a 5/8. (BTW herein lies also the added value over =
> having separate loopers doing the multiple-loop thing, other than cost).
> I have more, equally ill-thought-out ideas... How about (MIDI) pitch =
> shift *during* record?
> Nic

Any suggestions you have would be interesting.
No need to work out ideas, just imagine the sounds
you'd like to make without bothering about whether
it's practical

andy butler

This kind of thinking is pretty much exactly along the road that led me to abandon the simple audio-lag-generator  (dual tape recorder thingie) approach in favor of midi sequencer loops. I can have any number of different length loops happening, with different logical structures, done as layers in the larger construction of the composition. Of course, it's not Live Looping (tm), but for the moment that I create each layer, it is a spontaneous expression. Since I tend to be a studio act and haven't inflated my Balls (tm) enough to get up in front of an audience yet to do my thing, this is cool for now. Hopefully some mutation of this approach with the Live Looping (tm) approach, plus a huge supply of viagra from those friendly email folks who won't go away is in my near future.

Tim the loopin' eunuch