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Re: Per's ideas for a dream software looper

Intresting bit of coincidence:
Just yesterday I posted this to the Creator's section of the Reaktor forums
at the Native Instrument's site:

<<A looping delay...possible?
Here's something R needs: A true looping delay...iow, a delay line that
starts recording with a button press, then stops and begins playing back
when pressed again, looping indefinitely (or fading out if feedback is
reduced), so that the delay time is set on the fly as the length of time
between the two button presses. Can this be done with the existing modules?
I suppose this might be more accurately called sampling, but the
controllable-feedback aspect of doing it with a delay line appeals to me.
Anybody familiar with the Echoplex Digital Pro...or with the Looper's
Delight list? THA's what I'm talking about...

and this morning found these replies:

<<The easiest way to do this is with the tapedeck module. In fact, it's
almost as easy as just hooking a button up to it. The only tricky part
would be the fade out where you'd want to drop the volume by a set amount
after each loop. If you want the volume to stay on, the tapedeck is the way
to go. You can record any length with it.

For a delay you're obviously limited by the buffer size. If that doesn't
bother you, even that is not too hard. You just switch the input of the
delay from the feedback to the delay input while the "record" button is
held, and use a timer on the record button to see how long it's held down
for and then use that to set the delay time. Obviously it's a little tricky
with things like only setting the time when the button is released,
requiring an order and separator and stuff, but still not very difficult.

- CL>>

and 2:

<<Thanks for the nice Idea.
Some years ago I really would have liked to have such a beast but then this
was not available as software and a hardware device was way out of my
financial range.
here is a first attempt:

Hit the set button of any of the 5 loops to start recording. (this will
also switch off playback of that loop - if it was on)
hitting the set button again will then stop the recording and start
playback of the loop.
Note: The button behaviour can also be changed to:
Press button - record
release button - play (might be useful with a sustain pedal or so)
To do this open the properties dialog and change the mode setting from
Toggle to Gate.

Please let me know what You think.




Obviously, if you don't have Reaktor, the link isn't much use, but the fact
is clear that Reaktor would be a very viable environment in which to build
powerful looping devices of every description. (I tried Andreas's looper
for a few minutes this morning and it's simple and brilliant...5 parallel
mono delays with feedback and filter controls, easily hooked to MIDI
cc's....memory is dependant only on ram...5mb per mono minute at CD
quality--making it stereo is something even I could do in about 20 minutes.
Adding already-existing complex, bpm-sync'ed effects and routing matrices
and any number of automated or foot-controlled volume controls also easy.)
Building exactly what Per describes is a very distinct possibility; these
Reaktor boffins are astonishing! They're just mostly more interested in
building synths, samplers, and beat machines than in effects, etc....Of
course, there's MAX/MSP and quite a few other modular software DSP packages
out there, but both the possibilities within Reaktor (VERY flexible and
sophisticated GUI's are possible...user-built stuff can look like
commercial plugins, if not better) and the creativity, responsiveness and
size of the active user's group are unmatched anywhere that I've found.