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RE: Per's ideas for a dream software looper --> Reaktor?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: dcoffin@taunton.com [mailto:dcoffin@taunton.com] 

> Reaktor
> Adding 
> already-existing complex, bpm-sync'ed effects and routing 
> matrices and any number of automated or foot-controlled 
> volume controls also easy.) Building exactly what Per 
> describes is a very distinct possibility; these Reaktor 
> boffins are astonishing! They're just mostly more interested 
> in building synths, samplers, and beat machines than in 
> effects, etc....Of course, there's MAX/MSP and quite a few 
> other modular software DSP packages out there, but both the 
> possibilities within Reaktor (VERY flexible and sophisticated 
> GUI's are possible...user-built stuff can look like 
> commercial plugins, if not better) and the creativity, 
> responsiveness and size of the active user's group are 
> unmatched anywhere that I've found. dc

Wow! Thank you! I have a certain feeling that this was an extremely
valuable advice :-D  Maybe I should buy Reaktor and make my own Dream
Looper then? 

I've been lobbying around a little for the sake of future software
loopers and it seems that most developers have a problem with estimating
the eventual market. It's not a project you can start on a hobby level,
I would guess, and this brings in the question of financing the
developing work. That's what I got both form Angus Hewlett at fxpansion
and Hubert Pietrzykowski at PSP. PSP even said: 
">We  indeed, considered making live-looping application, but after 
> consulting the idea with the designers of some well-known 
> hardware looping units we came to conclusion that the demand 
> for such plug-in is too low... " 

...etc etc. Oh well, guess I have to look around for some Reaktor
financing strategy... ;-)

All the best

Per Boysen