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Re: Per's ideas for a dream software looper --> Reaktor?

I've met someone who  use Tivo's for that purpose -- but its a fixed 
loop and a device with a consumer interface that is hard to make into 
an instrument.

At 10:06 PM -0700 8/18/03, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>That's a really good idea, and I've had this idea for video for a 
>long time.  A small portable camera that's recording all the time. 
>Filling a buffer that continuously gets dumped.  When you give it a 
>command, it then saves what was last in the buffer and stores it to 
>a non volatile memory, and starts the process again.  You could 
>preset the buffer size.  I imagine the same thing could happen with 
>audio except you could have it loop.  Great idea Emile.
>Mark Sottilaro
>On Monday, August 18, 2003, at 08:42 PM, Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) 
>>Joining the thread late, as lately I spend much more time doing 
>>video than music.
>>One thing I have long wanted in a delay/looper is for the unit to 
>>always be recording, so I can hit a button after the phrase I want 
>>has ended. I'm not sure myself how this should be implemented,

That's not what I want, because if feedback is up, you get a lot of 
stuff, not just the last phrase. I envision buttons that one could 
hit to grab the last n beats (or whatever time units you prefer), and 
either loop them, loop them with a fade, or loop them and continue 
recording.   The latter is basically like turning the input on 

Come to think of it,  a lot of effects are designed on the assumption 
that you want to control the mix -- where I usually want to control 
the input volume. A unit with buffered input could let me program a 
pre-delay on midi controlled input volume, so that I  could fade in a 
phrase after it has been played.

Learning to pay this well could be a challenge if  it existed.

At 10:04 PM -0700 8/18/03, <stanitarium@earthlink.net> wrote:
>hey my <EH 16secDDL> does this. even if you dont want it to-yer signal 
>thru-ya just bring up the MIX(blend) slider and there is somethin ya just
>did, ready to whipped, stir-fried or puree'd.

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