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Re: Per's ideas for a dream software looper --> Reaktor?

I may be misunderstanding, but with the EDP, substitute works like this.
Replaces whatever was in the loop with what you are playing.  Just stop
substituting, and you have what you just played.  Of course you would want
to turn Output volume off, and flick it up when you have what you want.

My wish seems possible on the EDP (winkwinkLoopV), to be able to re-cyclize
a loop.  I.E. A ten second loop that you can split into 4 cycles, or a 4
cycle loop treated as 8 cycles.  Or, one could just make all functions work
with 8thnote quantize, I remember some don't (like stuttermode).


> That's a really good idea, and I've had this idea for video for a long
> time.  A small portable camera that's recording all the time.  Filling
> a buffer that continuously gets dumped.  When you give it a command, it
> then saves what was last in the buffer and stores it to a non volatile
> memory, and starts the process again.  You could preset the buffer
> size.  I imagine the same thing could happen with audio except you
> could have it loop.  Great idea Emile.