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Scared of MIDI

Not really--
Last night I rehearsed with a violinist for a freebie Friday at Quail
Botanical Gardens--it's an art exhibit, and I will be looping a smidgen--so
come on down--230 Quail Gardens Dr., Encinitas, CA  92024(760) 436-3036.
For the rehearsal, I just used a footswitch for record--not very
versatile--so I gotta say, go MIDI--or not, ya know . . .
In other news, this morning I dragged the EDP and a larger amp down to the
Starbucks parking lot--FWIW, this is the Westerfield Cleaners parking lot
(where David stood shivering in the early morning hours waiting for the dry
cleaner to open--ask me, I'll tell you)--and played in the parking lot, as
opposed to on the site itself.  And I got a dollar!  I packed up at that
point--quit while you're ahead--but I also had a black woman tell me to 
a good day just before this as I was busting out the blues in a major way,
after loads of Celtic and folk noodling.  So I will--and the rest of you
also have the best, loopiest day.
PS  All this in my new LD T-shirt--thanks Jason!