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Re: fute loopers(Per)+ 2EDPs stereo/2xmono

>  Oh yes, I forgot! The FCB1010 can only send out one midi note at a time,
>  over one midi channel. And the EDP has to be controlled by midi not on -
>  right? 

Note-on is the easiest (and the only way with FCB1010),
 if the controller can  send programable commands
on the release of the switch then CC are a bit more flexible.

>  > one of Claude Voit's ideas, as I understand it you'd have a 
>  > "Reverse Overdub" as an alternative to "Overdub"...so that 
>  > each layer you overdubbed would be heard backwards, but the 
>  > original loop could keep going forward if you wanted.
>  Dammit - what a usable feature! Hope "Reverse Overdub" will make it into
>  LoopV ;-) 
>  How about "Reverse Insert"?
>  "Reverse Overdub" would be very useful for percussionists. I would like
>  it also to be affected quantise and rounding settings. Then you could be
>  able to overdub just one "reversed snare drum hit" (length defined by
>  the 8th/cycle) in a longer loop. But then it would have to sort under
>  the Insert and not the Overdub.

hmmm, having a Quantised overdub would in itself 
be a new thing.............useful ??

would it be nicer to be able to just reverse a section of a loop?
again this could be variously quantised

>  > at the moment I'm trying to find techniques for "splitting" 
>  > my stereo EDP loops, for instance it's easy to use the 
>  > parameter reverse just on the slave EDP. 
>  > (or put one of the EDPs into "edit mode" and use the Direct Midi 
>  > commands on just one EDP.)
>  > 
>  > andy butler
>  Wow! You sure got some nice ideas to play around with over there ;-) 
>  Can you post your findings? Matters like these are bouncing a lot inside
>  my head these days, but I have only one EDP here so I can never try it
>  out IRL.

of course with a fully featured footcontroller things would be easier .

Most obvious technique is to change the MIDI channel on one EDP.

Claude Voit's poly multiply for standard stereo EDP configuration.
1) hit Mult on slave
2) after no. of cycles you want for slave is reached, hit Mult on master
3) after no. of cycles you want for master is reached, hit Mult on master 
4) hit Undo on slave 

Matthias Grob was worried that programming seperate controls
for 2EDPs would be bad for stereo sync. I guess because
any time lag between  MIDI commands could be variable. 

Right now I have  EDP2 plugged into MIDI THRU on EDP1, 
and it seems to be syncing OK. 
.......but I need to play more to make sure
This makes EDP1 panel controls
only work for EDP1, so I have foot control for both EDPs (stereo)
and panel control for individual changes.
( and much easier to change channels on EDP1,  it's now
no longer messing with EDP2)

andy butler