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Re: future steps

> Step based
>  I would also like to have the looper step based according to a chosen
>  "grid" (16 steps for 4/4 or maybe 10 if you want to play in 5/4 with an
>  8 note resolution). The grid should be completely user definable, maybe
>  even affected by "groove quantising" (like ReCycle or pHATmatic Pro
>  running under Logic. With the ability to use, export/import, the same
>  groove quantize maps as the host application uses for midi or audio).

or quantise to the incoming audio :-)

>  Kind of the way Loop IV now can divide a loop into segments according to
>  the 8ths/cycle setting, but in my vision it should also be possible to
>  use the steps/slices/segments for different filtering, re-pitching,
>  reversing and just about every usual loop mangling technique. One
>  application could be to drive a filter for "step sequenced dynamical
>  filtering" of the loop (like the Step Filter in Cubse SX and others).

possible already with line 6 filter pro , and MAM warp9

>  You should also be able to save all grid/step sequencing parameters as
>  "pre-sets", to be instantly recalled by midi commands. Just think about
>  setting up bass lines and melodies by re-pitching different 32 note
>  segments of the loop! Then you could start out with looping a drone and
>  then kick in the preset for "funky sub dominant".

I like :-)

> Transpose short
>  segments up/down one or two octaves. Or apply a simple "random segment
>  shift" function to have the loop play back segments in a different
>  order. Opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.

or use sequences of changes similar to those used by English 
church bell change ringers 


and so on, simple swaps making a complex pattern

andy butler