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Re: Syncing Echoplex with JamMan?

> Hi all, newbie here!
>  I have an Echoplex and will be playing with somebody who has a JamMan. 
>  anybody had experience syncing these together? What can I expect and 
>  can't I expect?

the (original software) JamMan glitches at the loop start when used
as a slave, but this might not be a problem for you.
.........maybe better to use JamMan as master because of this.
          (which would mean EDP sync=In)

The JamMan note number needs to be half the 8th/cycle no.  of the 
EDP if you want the JamMan loop length equal to the EDP cycle length.

You can Multiply your EDP and stay in sync.

If your friend uses delay mode on the JamMan (which is the way
to get feedback control) then you can't sync.

have fun

andy butler