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RE: Re: Per's ideas---> re-cyclize

> -----Original Message-----
> From: SoundFNR@aol.com [mailto:SoundFNR@aol.com] 

> > My wish seems possible on the EDP (winkwinkLoopV), to be able to 
> > re-cyclize  a loop.  I.E. A ten second loop that you can 
> split into 4 
> > cycles, or a 4  cycle loop treated as 8 cycles.  Or, one could just 
> > make all functions work  with 8thnote quantize, I remember 
> some don't 
> > (like stuttermode).
> >  
> the re-cyclize thing was something David Torn asked for way 
> back, ...and 8th Quantise was implemented (partly) in 
> response to this.
> The way to re-cyclize your loops with Loop4 is to do 
> Mult>>Rec (unrounded multiply) to get your new cycle length, 
> then multiply again to get back your original loop length, 
> then hit a LONG Undo and see how much of your original loop 
> comes back. Not ideal of course, as you hear the short loop 
> for a while, and what you get is somewhat unpredictable.

Mult>>Rec is something I have found myself doing more and more, lately.
The hardest part though is to implement the resulting tempo change, in
slaved devices, in a musical way. I  like to use the EDP as midi clock
sync master. But stuff like this is what makes the EDP so nice ;-)


Per Boysen