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Re: Re: Per's ideas---> re-cyclize

> My wish seems possible on the EDP (winkwinkLoopV), to be able to 
>  a loop.  I.E. A ten second loop that you can split into 4 cycles, or a 4
>  cycle loop treated as 8 cycles.  Or, one could just make all functions 
>  with 8thnote quantize, I remember some don't (like stuttermode).

the re-cyclize thing was something David Torn asked for way back,
...and 8th Quantise was implemented (partly) in response to this.

The way to re-cyclize your loops with Loop4 is to do Mult>>Rec
(unrounded multiply) to get your new cycle length, then multiply
again to get back your original loop length, then hit a LONG Undo
and see how much of your original loop comes back.
Not ideal of course, as you hear the short loop for a while,
and what you get is somewhat unpredictable.

There may be times when you want to multiply the new short
cycle to longer than the original loop at first, to ensure that
part of that loop is the bit you want. Then Multiply again
to keep just that  bit.

andy butler