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scared of looping!

I had some fool (actually an employee) come up and burp into a live mic while I was running a dual-revox loop freakout at work once  (I used to run the sound dept at a large Oceanarium/Theme Park) and we had some pretty sweet music going (with an arp pro soloist analog synth and pocket casios). It was a particularly juicy burp, and it went round and round- my philosophy prevented me from stopping the performance (this was 1984- no undo functions!). I think the park patrons were too disoriented by the pre-burp spectacle to get too upset by The Eternal Belch. The tape still survives; when I hear it, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I stick a pin in a little doll...

Tim F

PS Sorry Per, I don't know how my first attempt to post this went directly to your mailbox...