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Re: OT: Mystery virus? (was Re: Approved)

Yes, some ISP's are trying to scan everything automatically now. Amazingly, AOL's system seems to be working (I've finally seen AOL do something right; someone please shoot me so I can die happy now) as none of the attachments made it through to my mailbox.

Tim F

In a message dated 8/19/03 11:16:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time, sean@loomwebdesign.com writes:

I don't get the attachments either - some ISPs must be intervening on behalf of users...

At 02:14 PM 2003/08/19 -0400, David Beardsley wrote:

>I'm not getting an attachment with these messages. I haven't
>noticed anything unusual yet and I've restarted my PC a few
>times since I started getting these messages.