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alesis ineko

my ineko arrived today from m.f. in an appropriately sized box, i am 
at how small the unit is (5.75"x1.75"x5.50").....it is not a box that 
itself well to live looping (tm) at least in terms of navigation of the 
presets.....no memory (user patches), no midi.....i had it sitting on my 
leg as i was 
playing with it, it can keep ya warm on a cold day, i like that.....i 
even scratched the surface of this unit but i feel that it is well worth 
$74.00 i paid for it (shipping included).....mr. rick was so right, big 
bang for 
the buck.....i'm a sucker for detuning, with this you can have the 
sound and have different "harmonys" on both the left and right channels, 
maddness!.....that and the ring modulator alone are worth the price of 
admission.....it sounds very clean to me and i like the stereoness of 
it.....now i have to 
figure out where to place it in my signal chain.....hmmmmmm.....michael