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RE: Type of looping machine

Title: RE: Type of looping machine

>>Right now I am using a JamMan.

Is there a looping machine out there where I can lay down several loops at
one time and then remove separate loops one at a time?

For instance:

Loop 1
Loop 2
Loop 3
Loop 4
Loop 5

Remove Loop 3

Loop 1
Loop 2
Loop 4
Loop 5

Remove Loop 1<<

have a look at bob sellon's jam-man upgrade software- it might be what you're looking for without turning your life upside down..... I have upgrades for my two jam-things, but our guitarist is worried that he won't be able to handle the changes. it does stuff like allowing several loops to run in parallel, panning loops to different stereo positions (!- I didn't think the basic hardware would allow this, but it does) and switching back and forth from echo>loop (my favourite) and some pseudo-sampler stuff that he calls mellotron mode. my mellotron would be sniffy about this if it knew....



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