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Re: DL4 Volume Question

>Whenever I turn on the effect, I get a slight volume boost.  It's not huge
>but it is loud enough to notice.  And loud enough to effect my playing.
>Is this normal?  If it is, is there any way to turn the gain down so it's

I have the DL4 as well, but the symptom you described don't happen with my 
Some things I can think of : when you use stereo out or in , the levels 
might be affected because the output is evenly devided over de 2 outputs, 
and in bypass mode that might not be the case. Are you using 2 outputs or 
inputs ? The other thing that might be affecting your sound is the setting 
of the MIX dial. This mixes the delay sound with the direct sound, and 
should only be able to lower your volume once the effect is on. But 
its the effect itself that is boosted and not your direct signal ?

Good luck,

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