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ableton live questions

I know several of you answered that you are using Live, so I'm looking for 
little more detail on exactly how you're using it and if you're happy with
it, etc.

How well does this work for live looping? My initial goal would be to play
multiple simple loops (not reversing/cutting/slicing and dicing loops) that
repeat endlessly and/or repeat x number of times with/without decay over 
top of pre-programmed sections of songs and at will move on to the next

Also (OT), are any of you mixing audio and midi (soft synths/soft drum
machines) using Live? If so, what are you using for midi instruments
(drums/synths/etc)? If you're using Reason, are you using any other VST
plug-ins? If so, using what host (since it appears that Live doesn't really
handle midi, other than controller elements - or am I reading the 
the demo version wrong)? Are you able to keep the looseness of the
arrangment while rewired to Reason (i.e. will Reason, or whatever else
you're using, jump from pattern to pattern as Live moves from scene to



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