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Re: ableton live questions

I posted a while back (a month or so?), detailing my approach to using
Ableton Live as a live looper.  Search for my name in the LD archives, and
I'm sure you'll find it.

I don't use Ableton exclusively - I also have 2 EDPs.  But I do find it an
excellent adjunct to my core looping tools, the EDPs.  If nothing else, 
a compact, cost-effective way to add more loop/delay lines to my setup.

I use a Behringer FCB1010, and on certain banks, I have the expression
pedals controlling track volumes.  It works well for me as a 

I don't use Reason, or softsynths in general (I'm a guitar player), so I
can't comment there.  However, I do have some FCB1010 pedals mapped to Live
scene change buttons, and that works great.

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From: "Jonah, Jim" <Jim.Jonah@compuware.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 12:42 PM
Subject: ableton live questions

> I know several of you answered that you are using Live, so I'm looking 
> little more detail on exactly how you're using it and if you're happy 
> it, etc.
> How well does this work for live looping? My initial goal would be to 
> multiple simple loops (not reversing/cutting/slicing and dicing loops)
> repeat endlessly and/or repeat x number of times with/without decay over
> top of pre-programmed sections of songs and at will move on to the next
> "scene".
> Also (OT), are any of you mixing audio and midi (soft synths/soft drum
> machines) using Live? If so, what are you using for midi instruments
> (drums/synths/etc)? If you're using Reason, are you using any other VST
> plug-ins? If so, using what host (since it appears that Live doesn't
> handle midi, other than controller elements - or am I reading the
> the demo version wrong)? Are you able to keep the looseness of the
> arrangment while rewired to Reason (i.e. will Reason, or whatever else
> you're using, jump from pattern to pattern as Live moves from scene to
> scene?)
> Thanks!
> Jim
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