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RE: ableton live questions

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Doug Cox [mailto:dougcox@pdq.net] 
> I posted a while back (a month or so?), detailing my approach 
> to using Ableton Live as a live looper.  

Hi Doug,

That one was a great post! It sure helped me to understand Live better.
Are you using the latest version 2.1? I was thinking the some of tje
"limitations" you listed might have been fixed in the new update? 

I intend to use Live as a midi clock slave to the EDP and I guess your
this, your note, doesn't apply then?

> One thing 
> about LIVE is that you can't currently define the loop length 
> (and therefore the tempo of the piece) on the fly. Gotta set 
> the clock, and start the piece playing.

Let's say I keep a bunch of Live tracks set up to record clips of
different lengths. Then I guess the EDP loop can serve as "matronome" to
record liv into Live?

Best wishes

Per Boysen