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Re: Type of looping machine

> At 05:54 PM 2003/08/20 -0500, dmusicis@bellsouth.net wrote:

> >I type "repeater" and I get info on Amateur Radio
> >
> >I type "Orville" and I get a bunch of stuff on Wilber and Orville 
> >
> >Can someone give me more information on these products so that I can 
> >my search.

Try "Electrix Repeater" and "Eventide Orville" in your fav search engine.

A quicker start might be the mfg's websites:

http://www.electrixpro.com (manuals are available under Support / Manuals)

Understand that the Orville is very expensive (by most of our standards). 
List is
$6995 USD. The Repeater was discontinued about a year ago, and there are 
issues with it (bugs in the software, no more updates, compact flash
compatibility issues). Check ebay, there are occasionally good deals on 


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