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Re: Pedal for Parameters Button (was RE: EDP Feedback Pedal)

At 02:24 AM 8/20/2003, Bernhard Wagner wrote:
>Pedal for Parameters Button:
>The section in the EDP manual states
>If you are electro-mechanically adept and wish to build a
>footpedal incorporating this button, you can obtain instructions in how to
>do so by contacting Gibson technical support at the number in the front of
>this manual."

>If you happen to find something: Could you post the results on this list?

That info is available at the Looper's Delight web site, in the EDP 
footpedal tutorial:

There was a resistor value assigned for doing the Parameter button from 
footpedal, so you could try to make one as the instructions suggest. 
However, the sad thing is it doesn't work reliably. One person did make a 
parameter pedal in a different way, by wiring up a switch in parallel with 
the actual button on the front panel. So that is a possibility.

On the other hand, if you use MIDI there is a midi command for the 
parameter button and that works just fine. That's much easier.

Also if you have LoopIV in your echoplex, you can use the Presets function 
to easily change parameter sets without needing to go into the parameter 
editing. It's much faster. This can be done from the regular footpedal, or 
again much more easily with midi by simply using program change commands. 
Then you probably wouldn't need the parameter footpedal at all.


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