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a long trip

Hi friends!

I never stopped receiving your precious mails, but only read few of 
them for quite a while, there was too much going on the good side of 
real live and I enjoyed a serious of nice trips where I met loads of 
loopers - and we all liked each other... isnt that great?

and a lot of people heard loops, got an idea of the joy we feel to 
create them, the seed may still not quite have grown through to the 
surface but its well grounded and made its root.

I am on the train back to Switzerland from where I will return to 
Brasil in three weeks. The last two weeks I passed with the looping 
accordeonist and gifted composer Cathrin Pfeifer in north east 
Germany, playing in little culture places, churches, visiting 
beaches, castles, ice cream and fish places and playing with each 
other more than together. I learned a lot about the German history, 
the GDR especially. I filmed her final concert was her sextet at the 
Sans Souci park in Potsdam, where over 30000 people dived into the 
brilliantely illuminated and live sounded park, with all the 
completely exagerated gold plated buildings and innumerous statues of 
a time that definitally passed. We watched the traditional dances and 
clothes and felt: it was beautifull but terribly formal and false, a 
luxury prison... I am happy to live now :-)

Of course I did not forget to plan about the future. Looping cannot 
be the only thing I work on the rest of my life because there are a 
lot of other intresting instruments, and right now, we have more than 
enough looping functions to create a lot of music.
But I dont want to give it up either.
I also have the urge to bring it to the computer, because I carried 
and suffered with my rack, and yes, there are funcions I would like 
to have...

It will take quite some time to create all this, and start slowly 
with a simpler plug in to learn and make some fun stuff available for 
you that is not looping but somehow related... you will see :-)

I really need to thank this comunity here that made all this possible.
I worked hard, but it was not in vain. I still dont get much money 
back, but I can travel almost without spending any and have a good 
time with good people, lead a simple life, learn a lot and be happy 
with others that are.

I would love to document everything that happend, but probably should 
not invest my time into this. Some highlights have come through to 
you, but there were many more.

Lets see where this big trips takes us too. It seems it could bring 
some of the nicest colors into this world and fascilitate the heavy 
changes we are going through, each one at his time...

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org