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Re: ableton live questions

Ohh i haven't given my point of view yet. ;) (sorry for the late reply)

I've used Reason for pretty much anything i've donw, and i've fiddled with
live-looping setups, chaining 8 Tempo-delays and creating feedback-loops
with that and some other solutions, it's really nice but the tempo-sync
isn't 100%
But it's reaaally fun to play solo-livelooping with because you don't have
to think as much of syncing to others.

AND after being reminded several times by Per Boysen (i owe you alot for
this Per) about Ableton Live, i figured "hey why not give it another go" 
so i did, i installed the Demo on my portable and routed Reason with Rewire
to Live, and suddenly i'm not only blessed with a superb live-looping
sampler, i also get the Input (mic, reason or live-resampling) AND Output
latency down to 15-20ms which is 1/10th of the audio-latency that i got 
using Reason on the laptop. No extra audio-cards or special drivers, Live
just utilize the hardware in an increadible way compared to Reason.

I've even gotten my girlfriend hooked on it, so maybe sometime not in the
distant future i can do a livelooping duet with her. ;)

Also for instance, 2.1.1 upgrade of Live features midi-mapping to the
TAP-function, YAY!

Anyway, Ableton live is a software more than adequate for live-looping and 
will buy the sucker as soon as i have some money left. And Reason is superb
as audio-source for live. So my live-looping setup now is (and will 
be for a long time):
Propellerheads Reason
Ableton Live
Portable 2ghz pc with XP
Edirol PCR-30 midikeyboard (would have wanted the PCR-30A though)

I figure a good setup with this stuff would be that i have 8 sliders to
controll 8 tracks volumes and then i have 8 knobs to controll effects (or
vicevorsa) and 9 buttons that can act in toggle-mode or release-mode..
Allthough I have to get me a pedal for the keyboard so i can map it to the
Tap-tempo. ;)

That's my 2 cents

Btw, i'm gonna see if i can put this setup to the test properly the weekend
after this one, when i go to Iceland. =)


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From: "Jonah, Jim" <Jim.Jonah@compuware.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 2:16 PM
Subject: RE: ableton live questions

> Thanks everyone for the excellent responses. It sounds like it will do
> I want.
> :-)
> Jim