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Live looping environment: Max/MSP vs NI Reaktor

Hi list,

I just heard that Max/MSP now is available for Windows. That's cool for
not bringing a G5 on the road ;-). Personally I would prefere setting up
a rather cheap PC with looping software for playing live. But then I
went to  http://www.cycling74.com/products/dlmaxmspwin.html and learned
that there are still two different, quite expensive, licenses for
running the programs on both Mac and PC - which sucks IMO. These days I
have gotten so used to multi platform licence from both Propellerheads
and Emagic (Apple).

On the other hand we have the possibilities with NI Reaktor. As I have
understood it you buy the program and can then install and run it on
either platform. On the Reaktor list I heard voices talking about "now
selling Max/MSP after trying out Reaktor". I have not had any chance yet
to go deeply into these matters, but it seems to me as if Reaktor is a
better choice if you are looking for a future software audio looper for
live application. You might have to build it yourself, though. 

Any thoughts from you with more experience from these two environments?

Best wishes

Per Boysen