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Re: 900!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing eh?  Good thing you don't want to do stereo looping or your 
looper would set you back about the price of a good used automobile.  
Frankly, I've abandoned the idea of ever owning an EDP.  Not because I 
couldn't come up with that money, but because I just don't think it's 
worth it, especially now with software loopers starting to hit the 
market that will make your laptop your best looping friend.  There have 
recently been a few posts about what Reaktor 4 can do and it sounds 
amazingly promising.  PHP has some Lexicon PCM42 simulators that I hear 
are also amazing, thought I've yet to hear about someone here using 
them for live looping.  Digital Performer's POLAR module is one feature 
away from being one of the coolest loopers you could ever want.  
(doesn't have a feedback control)

Basically, I've given up looking for the ultimate dedicated hardware 
looper.  I don't think it will ever exist because of the nitch market 
we are.  The EDP is expensive and it looks like there will never be a 
significant hardware upgrade for it.

I think it's a lot easier for a software manufacturer because they 
don't have to worry about getting a factory to make units that may or 
may not sell.  (see: Repeater)  Anyway, I see the overall demise of 
dedicated audio hardware as computers get faster and cheaper and 
software gets better.  Right now a Powerbook G4 will run you about what 
it costs for 2 EDPs. (USD) Of course, that's without software and a USB 
MIDI/Audio interface, but that's an Apple product.  The PC world is 
cheaper with a larger selection of software.  For now, the EDP pair 
will probably give you better looping for your pound, but will you be 
able to edit video on it when your not looping?  Send your dear mum a 
nice email?  Don't get me wrong, I love a well designed piece of audio 
hardware and I'll feel a bit bad when everything I own will be able to 
live in one of these cool little boxes.  On the other hand, I'll have a 
much roomier studio space when that time comes.  Believe me, it's 
coming.  If I were Kim and Matthias, loop 5 would run on OSX and WinXP.

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, August 23, 2003, at 09:58  AM, lol c wrote:

>  Morning all...................
>  I have just come off the phone with my regular gibson dealer here in 
> th UK Ive been told that Im looking at paying 900!!! for a new black 
> faced echoplex.thats $1377 people!!!
>  Im wondering if anyone on list knows of a cheaper way of getting hold 
> of an EDP.
> What are you guys paying in the states?
> I would ideally like a unit with loop4 but would settle for a white 
> face unit with loop3 if it was more in my price range.
> anyways, any info would be appreciated
> Phill
> Oh by the way, i'll take second hand if anyone is looking to sell!!
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