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Re: reaktor, MSP, etc

At 03:52 PM 8/23/2003, brian tester wrote:
>Hey there Kim.  The point of modular software like max/msp and reaktor is 
>that you can create instruments and user interfaces that meet your 
>particular needs.

yes, I understand that. My point is that people have been saying this for 
years. So far the number of good loopers I've seen created by these people 
is 0. So if this is such a great way to create a looper, how come nobody 
ever does?

I'm beginning to draw the conclusion that this these modular software 
systems are actually a terrible way to create a looper. It seems more like 
an excellent way for geek musicians to waste a lot of time not playing 
music. I'm hoping that somebody can prove me wrong and show me a good 
looper created this way, but I've been waiting years for that now and I 
haven't seen it yet.

>If you don't see something you like that just means that you have to 
>it yourself.  Inevitably this gives you added insight into the process of 
>making the music -- since you get to do it from the inside out.

Yes, I did that already. It's called the Echoplex. We've spent over 10 
years to create it and it was really, really hard. The idea that somebody 
could just spend a few days stringing together some modules in Reaktor to 
produce a viable modern looper seems really funny and naive to me. But I'm 
willing to be proven wrong about that. I'm just tired of hearing about 
great promise that is never fulfilled, so I'm challenging you to show me 
some results. Where is it?


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