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Stereo EDP (was Re: Hardware vs. software etc... (Re: 900!!!!!!!!!!!))

The EDP does not need stereo. Even Mr. Sottilaro might be able to be made
happy without stereo. I'm not dismissing stereo as interesting -- I use
stereo delays a lot -- but a stereo EDP doesn't seem critical to me.

On the other hand, the EDP does limit itself by being difficult to connect.

If you are working a multi-component context, at least some of those
components probably are stereo, and unlike the Jamman, you can't even route
stereo through the EDP. So, if you want to work with the EDP in a stereo
context, you have to factor in a mixer.

On the other hand, if you really want to do the Andre LaFosse stripped 
just stick the EDP in the effects loop of the amp thing, then it's a pain
that the EDP is built for rack use. Yes, Andre gets by without a rack, but
it's clearly not built to be used the way Andre is setting it up.

You take what's already a somewhat limited market and put barriers to entry
in place and the market becomes more limited and the price consequently 

So, if I were redesigning the EDP, my first priorities would be either
stereo throughs on the rack version or a floor processor version. Those
would probably trump true stereo -- though true stereo would get me stereo
threshold recording.

Of course, since the entry cost for any re-design is significant. I don't
know how much cheaper those would be to develop than a stereo version and
the stereo version would ally the concerns of people like Mr. Sottilaro.