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Re: Stereo EDP

On Sunday, Aug 24, 2003, at 14:27 US/Eastern, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> The EDP does not need stereo. Even Mr. Sottilaro might be able to be 
> made
> happy without stereo. I'm not dismissing stereo as interesting -- I use
> stereo delays a lot -- but a stereo EDP doesn't seem critical to me.

I'm in agreement here regarding stereo, mainly because if you are 
dependent on stereo then you are running a stereo mix and that stereo 
mix will incorporate stereo sources and mono sources.  What would the 
stereo separation in the actual context of the loop be? Ping Pong?  You 
want an Orville for $500?

> On the other hand, the EDP does limit itself by being difficult to 
> connect.
> If you are working a multi-component context, at least some of those
> components probably are stereo, and unlike the Jamman, you can't even 
> route
> stereo through the EDP. So, if you want to work with the EDP in a 
> stereo
> context, you have to factor in a mixer.

As above, if you are running real stereo then this isn't a factor.  
Just run the EDP on a mono channel insert.  I don't think that having a 
discussion about stereo devices makes a lot of sense if you consider a 
mixer to be an encumbrance.  My EDP might be going into a rack with my 
Alesis 12R mixer and it will be part of a stereo soundfield, but I 
could not care less about the actual device being "stereo".

> On the other hand, if you really want to do the Andre LaFosse stripped 
> down,
> just stick the EDP in the effects loop of the amp thing, then it's a 
> pain
> that the EDP is built for rack use. Yes, Andre gets by without a rack, 
> but
> it's clearly not built to be used the way Andre is setting it up.

If you make it for floor use then you can't mount it in a rack.  If you 
use a foot controller then you can have both.  And I can't count he 
number of shows I have been to where a performer has rack gear stacked 
on an amp, or other convenient flat surface, without a rack [as I look 
over at my naked EDP sitting on top of my amp while it is connected in 
the effects loop].


> Of course, since the entry cost for any re-design is significant. I 
> don't
> know how much cheaper those would be to develop than a stereo version 
> and
> the stereo version would ally the concerns of people like Mr. 
> Sottilaro.

Mark, you make a lot of really good points.  The thing about this that 
really strikes me as funny is that all of the "EDP isn't worth it 
because it isn't software" is a joke because it is being compared to 
something that doesn't even exist.  If someone were sitting on a setup 
that did what the EDP does and I could get it as an AU plugin for 
Logic, for instance, then we might have a field on which to play.  I 
would hit it with MIDI for control and it could be in any channel 
anywhere on the system from the pre-fader to the mix bus.  I could also 
use it in post-production, like ACID with realtime control.  I'd still 
need $1500 laptop, a zero-latency interface, and the DAW software to 
run it, but we could at least lob some facts around.  Until then it is 
a field for sour grapes to take root.