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Re: Stereo EDP

You people are ridiculous.  Have you ever tried to loop a stereo 
source?  Trust me.  I had an EDP.  I had a JamMan.  You take that rich 
stereo chorus and turn it into a mono loop and its like you put a 
finger in one ear.  It made a big enough of a difference to me to ditch 
those loopers and go for a Repeater.  Playing live where most PA 
systems are mono, of course it doesn't make a difference.  However 
doing what I do in a studio make a huge difference.  Why don't you guys 
just pan your home stereo system all the way to one side and get rid of 
that silly extra speaker?  You don't need it.

I also never said, or meant to say the EDP wasn't worth it because it 
wasn't software.  I'm just looking at other piece of gear that I have 
and making price comparisons.  If I were to do the EDP in stereo it 
would set me back $1600 (+$100 if I went with a dedicated pedal) which 
would put it way out in front as the most expensive piece of dedicated 
audio gear I have by FAR.  I know when I see Mark Hamburg's name every 
time I start Photoshop, I can imagine that his salary trounces mine by 
a factor I'd rather not think about.  (I do think he's worth it, as 
Photoshop is an amazing tool, but I digress)  So, $1600 is probably 
nothing in his world.  However, $1600 to the average musician is a lot, 
and I know it keeps a lot of people away from the EDP.  (as does it's 
single $800 price-tag)

...and why are people concerned with what I want?  I actually have an 
excellent stereo looper that more or less does most of what I want.  
I'm just speculating a bit.  Thinking that the little "DJ" rig I'm 
putting together would be even cooler if I could incorporate some live 
looping and not have to add another piece of hardware.

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, August 24, 2003, at 12:02  PM, wavelet wrote: