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Re: Stereo EDP

I feel compelled to defend my assertion that stereo isn't necessarily all
that important -- even with stereo sound sources. I have stereo sources as
well since some of my pre-loop processing is stereo. Do I miss it when the
looped version goes down to mono? Somewhat. But I've also found that it's
helpful for keeping a distinction between the new material and the looped
material. The new material can be bipping around from left to right. The
looped material can sit in the center. Furthermore, post-loop processing 
add some stereo sheen back to the loop.

So, would stereo be nice? Yeah. Is it death for the EDP that it doesn't 
stereo? No.

I think it's far more of an annoyance that if you've got some stereo gear
before the EDP, you essentially have to get a mixer or lose the stereo
effects on even the dry signal.

The Repeater wins overall in this regard since it gives you stereo loops,
stereo throughs, and a switchable insert point. Other discussions have
covered what it doesn't give you.