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Re: Stereo EDP

I like your stereo point Mark.
It depends on the instruements and music, too. I use only one EDP 
myself and like the mono repetition of a stereo sound sometimes, not 
so much other times. If you do percussion, you need to pan it stereo, 
for my taste. But its another work during playing. I did paning 
during some time (like on "Jejum") to have my melodies spread in 
space and loved it, but its not so important and a bit distracting 
while playing.

Your idea of the "false stereo" in JamMan manner is ok, but the 
additional jacks, input stage, stereo pots, output stage are a 
considerable cost. There are no mono ADCs on the market any more, so 
even the EDP has a stereo one, but the real limit is processor power. 
Sure with a modern processor, that would be easy. But thats a 
completely new design...
So nowadays that the digital part is so cheap and powerfull, "false 
stereo" would not make sense at all. Once the analog part for stereo 
is made, better do it real stereo.

But we have discussed before, how its possible to do such a false 
stereo mix passive in a little box or with splitting/mixing cables. I 
dont use a mixer.

The most important to be stereo for me is the Reverb, because it 
needs to creat space. And that comes after the EDP...

>I feel compelled to defend my assertion that stereo isn't necessarily all
>that important -- even with stereo sound sources. I have stereo sources as
>well since some of my pre-loop processing is stereo. Do I miss it when the
>looped version goes down to mono? Somewhat. But I've also found that it's
>helpful for keeping a distinction between the new material and the looped
>material. The new material can be bipping around from left to right. The
>looped material can sit in the center. Furthermore, post-loop processing 
>add some stereo sheen back to the loop.
>So, would stereo be nice? Yeah. Is it death for the EDP that it doesn't 
>stereo? No.
>I think it's far more of an annoyance that if you've got some stereo gear
>before the EDP, you essentially have to get a mixer or lose the stereo
>effects on even the dry signal.
>The Repeater wins overall in this regard since it gives you stereo loops,
>stereo throughs, and a switchable insert point. Other discussions have
>covered what it doesn't give you.


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