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Re: reaktor, MSP, etc

I have seen two very smart people trying to build loopers with 
Max/MSP and did not get close to the EDP functions, even investing 
weeks. There are limits. Its only true that you can to "ANYTHING" if 
you start creating your own modules, writing them in C - but then it 
may be better to do the whole thing in C - and its not an amature 
project any more.

Try do reproduce the rounding Mulitiply function of the EDP with 
simultaneous FB control to verify! And thats not a special function 
yet, just what we use in every piece because its so intuitive...

>The thing that I think you're missing is this: the "modular diy software"
>can do ANYTHING if you put the time into it.  You say  that you spent a
>shitload of time building the echoplex and I believe it, but no one ever
>said that you can make live looping interfaces on software in a "few days"
>as you said.  It takes effort.  A lot of effort.  The reason that you hear
>people raving about the software loopers is because you can take an
>"amateur" one, as you called it, and tailor it to do everything you ever
>wanted and more.  That is something that you can't do with hardware.  I
>can't go and take the echoplex and re-wire the boards if i wanna add a new
>function (i guess theoretically i could, but it is SO much less practical
>than doing it through software).  I'll bet you anything that someone (not
>necessarily on this list) has a looper on reaktor or max/msp that can do
>everything you want.  Maybe they don't feel like sharing it at the moment,
>though.  As you said yourself, making a loop sampler takes a ton of 
>so maybe this person doesn't want to openly share their creation now 
>of all the work they put into it.  I mean, do you give echoplexes away for
>free??  I don't think so.  Reaktor and MAX/MSP are really intense 
>because you can do anything and everything.  Go check out a book on them 
>you want to see.  Or download the trial version of MAX/MSP.  Look for some
>max/msp looping interface and see if you can modifythem to add those
>features oyu want.  If you find that you can't, that hardly means that 
>not possible.  It just takes a lot of dedication and work.


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org