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Re: reaktor, MSP, etc

talk talk talk. Like I said, I'm tired of talk. I want to see results. 
show me a serious looper made with Reaktor. How about yours?

I keep hearing the promise of greatness and never seeing it in the result. 
All of the loopers I've seen built this way were very limited and 
amateurish, and had very few modern looping functions. I'm beginning to 
think that is all I will ever see from this modular do-it-yourself 
approach. Is it a false prophet? If I'm wrong, please show me. That's all 
I'm asking.


At 01:03 AM 8/24/2003, brian tester wrote:
>Well, shit Kim.  I make my living from music and I use a granular looper 
>than I made with Reaktor and I use it on an old-ass G3 powerbook with a 
>usb interface.  Live.  I also use a dl4 and a headrush.  And I play 
>I don't just "jam".  So I think the REALLY important thing is not 
>necessarily the hardware/software conundrum--that sounds more like an 
>excuse for not knowing what's up or not being willing to put some work 
>into your setup.  The important thing is more the desire to do something 
>worthwhile and the will to put it into action.  And the willingness to 
>explore new options and try things that might seem difficult at first. If 
>you're not willing to go this far, then I doubt your music would be worth 
>listening to either.  Though I could be wrong; I don't know you ;) 
>not much out there that is any good without some imagination and 
>risk-taking involved, however.

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