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RE: Re: reaktor, MSP, etc

> >  So you
> >  could, for example, record a loop, then set only certain cells to 
> >  contunuously overdub, so that the majority of the loop 
> remains while 
> >  selected parts are constantly changing as you continue to 
> play.  Does 
> >  that make sense?
> Oh yes indeed!
> This is somewhat similar to the EDP 8th quant replace stuff.
> As "Live" Loopers, what we want to know is 
> "Can you start Record with a controller, and then 
> simultaneously End Record, (defining the loop length with 
> that control), and immediately go into playback, without any 
> gap or glitch and preferably with the option to go straight 
> into overdub?"
> andy butler

Good point, Andy! Well, can it? (me too curiously awaiting an answer...)

As I understand it, after reading at the site
http://dexterssandbox.com/sooperlooper/, this Linux looper can do that.
I'm now looking into installing Linux here to find out.