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Future Technology? Was: Playing vs. building ...

<SoundFNR@aol.com> put forth:

> >   What I don't understand, is the desire for more and more and more of 
> >  "better" something that may not even be defined yet, to create
> >  that one isn't even aware of, and doesn't seem to be going toward now.
> >  Dreaming is wonderful and so very important, but this sounds like a
> >  aimless and nameless pseudo-need to me.
> There's people out there who have a really strong vision
> of what they want to achieve with their music, surely
> it can't hurt for them to imagine a future technology
> that will help them to do this.

This could be a moebius loop on its own, neh?  Sort of like the Terminator
series... :)  It'd be interesting for LD members to write about the kind of
Future Technology you're alluding to.

My 'vision' I suppose has more to do with studio/stage setup than a 
No frigging wires.
A pedal control device or three for effects, mix, and video.
REAL Surround (not the kind being sold today, really - because [as told to
me by an acoustics engineer] "Surround Doesn't".)  I'm talkin' about
wallpaper that's a continuous, dimensional-positional speaker process, 
and ceilings.  This wallpaper will also be a video surface.

Instrument?  Guitar.  Keyboard/Sampler.  Found Objects.  Depends on what I
feel like at the moment, so I suppose it doesn't matter, does it?

I'd talk about more but I'd have to kill ya.  But I don't think it takes
much to imagine what the above could do for performance at least.  The 
sci-fi of sorts is just barely here anyway, almost not even a "what if"?

> If you want to stick with the stuff you have and work with
> that, then that's great, that's what that "stuff" is for.
> ...but don't you ever think
> ................................................what
> if.............................?

Nonetheless, I consistently find greater satisfaction when I contend with
the Limitations-At-Hand.  My tendency is to just want to USE whatever I've
got to do whatever I can.  Uh, sorry if it's too reality-based though...

Anyone remember that idiotic bit Rolling Stone did years ago, where they
asked guitar gods at the time (like Rick Derringer? yes, I'm that old) what
they'd think of as their "perfect" guitar?  One of them said they wanted a
certain female orifice in the back of his... Another talked about an
anti-gravity option to turn on in the middle of the show, so he could float
above the audience and wail away (hopefully on his guitar).  I think my
"what if's" tend to hang around with the anti-gravity device neighborhood.
I love causing the "wow effect", you know?

Just a thought, and now back to your coffee.  Or whatever.

Steve Goodman
* EarthLight Productions
* http://www.earthlight.net/Studios